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If you are planning on a renovation of your existing office premises, then a vital step is deciding what to do with your current office furniture. This is something you should think about at an early stage of the planning process, as the last thing you want is to clog up your valuable space with old furniture.

In the past, used furniture would have been taken away and left in a hole or a storage facility. Both options are less than desirable because of their environmental and financial implications. Therefore, there are several solutions that your company can look into if you decide it’s time to redesign your office or relocate altogether. So, in this post, we have put together some ideas on how to manage used office furniture.

How to Manage Used Office Furniture in a Cost-Effective and Environmentally Friendly Way

First Things First

Before you get started with your office redesign, you should evaluate all the existing furniture in the office. This will enable you to be clear on the volume of chairs, tables, etc., that you have on site.

While you are working on this process, you should also assess the quality of the furniture. If it is still in good condition, you could save yourself a lot of money. Used furniture in good condition will have some resale value, and many specialist companies will be more than happy to take it off your hands.


For many companies, a new office building or remodel will involve trading in used furniture for more modern furniture. This can leave you with a lot of unwanted furniture that you won’t want to have lying around the office. Therefore, you will need to factor removal costs into your planning budget.

When it comes to disposal, there are many different ways you can go. There are some specialist companies that offer removal services because they intend to resell or repurpose the furniture. These companies will come to your office and carry out an appraisal on the quality of your furniture and make you an offer based on what is sellable. Going this route is much more environmentally friendly, as these companies try to avoid using landfills.

Repurpose and Recycle

A great way to save money is to use furniture that is currently in the office instead of buying brand new furniture. Obviously, if the tables are collapsing and the doors are hanging off the storage cabinets, then this furniture may be nearing the end of its shelf life—in its current form.

Many companies have gotten creative with their approach to dealing with used furniture by taking usable elements or materials from them and using them for other purposes. Old desktops, filing cabinets, and even doors can all be modified for entirely different purposes, freeing up money to spend on essential new furniture, as well as fixtures and fittings.

Another option is to renovate your current furniture. This is an excellent way to go if the furniture is generally in good condition. Surfaces can be re-varnished, and chairs can be reupholstered to get some extra life out of them.