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The modern office is an entirely different beast from the past, where cubicles and impractical storage cabinets dominated a workspace where employees often complained of headaches and back pain. Thankfully, things have changed in recent years with research showing that these office designs had a negative impact on employee well-being and productivity.

Modern designs have seen the office space entirely rewired into a more collaborative and welcoming environment. And this trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. No matter your reasons for changing things up, these top office space redesigning tips will help you create a space in which your employees and clients will actually enjoy working.

Break Down the Walls

Modern offices have eliminated walls and partitions so that more natural light can flow through the office. Natural light improves the overall environment in the office and helps keep your employees awake and on-task.

Also, having fewer divisions frees up space in the office which can enable your employees to collaborate and move about more easily. All of these factors have had a proven positive effect on employee productivity.

Five Top Office Space Redesigning Tips to Improve Employee Productivity

Getting Back to Nature

Natural light helps make the office lighter and a much nicer place to be, but some office spaces might not have a lot to play with.

In this situation, glass partitions and walls are an excellent solution, as it allows the light to flow through the whole space. This can be aided by using natural colors and materials for your fixtures and fittings.

Plants also help to make the place look nice and also keep the air fresher.

Flexible Spaces

With more space comes the ability to be more flexible with how you use it. Many businesses have moved away from the fixed layouts of the past and instead invested in furniture which can be easily changed to meet the needs of a particular task.

Sit down/stand up desks, movable furniture, and collaborative workstations have become commonplace and help to get the employees moving around and communicating with other members of the team. These factors help your employees stay active at work and create a more dynamic workspace.

Home Away from Home

Due to wireless technology and cloud-based storage systems, you can literally take your work with you anywhere. Many companies have taken advantage of this by integrating community tables, lounge and breakout areas where their staff can work in a more relaxing environment.

These areas can also incorporate more social options such as coffee machines, TVs, and pool tables. There are so many ways that a breakout area can be used, but they all serve to make the office a much more dynamic and enjoyable place to be.

Employee Wellbeing = Win-Win Solution

All of the above design ideas have been integrated into offices to improve employee well-being and make the office fit in with modern working practices. Natural light, collaboration, and not feeling boxed in have been proven to have a positive effect on employee productivity.

For businesses, this means fewer sick days, better quality work, and less staff turnover.