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If you work in an office, it is more than likely that you spend the majority of your day sitting in your office chair. The chances also are that while your chair may have been adjusted to its best setting for you, it is not perfectly molded to or purchased with you specifically in mind. This may mean that you are not entirely comfortable, or even worse than your office chair is causing you pain. It doesn’t have to be this way, however, and there are things you can do. The following eight tips, in fact, will tell you exactly how to make your office chair more comfortable!

Sit correctly in your office chair

Before you check your chair and make any alterations to it, you should ensure that you are sitting correctly in it. This involves sitting with your feet on the floor and your back straight. Doing this can alleviate many uncomfortable sitting positions and problems that result from them.

Adjust and re-adjust your chair for proper alignment

If sitting correctly does not solve your sitting problems, you should take a few minutes to adjust and tweak your chair. Adjust the height, seat, arms and back as often as you need to. Remember that daily usage can knock any adjustments you have made out of alignment as can other people using your chair.

How to Make Your Office Chair More Comfortable
Add accessories to your chair as needed

Designed to fit the curvature of your back, a lumbar support attaches to the back of your chair and supports where you need it. This also provides more padding to your chair and creates more comfort.

Purchase a footrest

Ensuring that your feet are in a proper position when seated can help with your posture, keep your back aligned, and improve your circulation.

Adjust the arms of your chair where possible

Not all office chairs come with adjustable arms, but where they do, you should adjust them to avoid your shoulder muscles tightening. Where arm adjustment is not possible, avoid leaning on the arms altogether.

Buy a chair that is just right for you

No two people are the same, and not every office chair is one size fits all. Tall or overweight people, for example, may find that a standard office chair really does not suit them no matter how they adjust it. The best thing you can do here may be to purchase a chair that is specifically suited to you. Of course, this will involve some additional cost, but it may well prove to be a price worth paying.

Or invest in a stand-up desk

The best solution to pain caused by sitting may be to just limit your overall amount of sitting by purchasing a stand-up desk that is adjustable. This solution gives you the option of standing up for a while, which not only could eliminate your chair discomfort but also benefit your health. The stand-up desk has been linked to lowering the risk of diabetes, heart disease and even extending life expectancy. So while you’ll still need a comfortable chair some of the time, you won’t need it every minute.