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Office chairs and furniture fit for purpose can have a positive impact on employee well-being and productivity. However, purchasing office furniture can be a very tricky proposition, and going for something just because it is cheap will not be a good idea. The last thing you want is employees taking time off because they have a bad back.

There are so many factors which need to be considered alongside costs such as comfort, size, ergonomics, and durability. Unsurprisingly, it is easy to get bogged down in the details, so we have prepared these five essential rules to follow when purchasing an office chair.

  1. Think About Ergonomics

Uncomfortable chairs can lead to your employees taking time off and a reduction in their overall productivity. Obviously, this isn’t something you want for your business. Therefore, you should search for ergonomically designed chairs.

Ergonomic office chairs will be fully adjustable and designed to offer maximum support while your employees are at their desks. Look for features such as adjustable height, seat depth, armrests, and whether the seat swivels. And don’t just take the salesperson’s word for it; try before you buy to make sure that the seat can be easily adjusted and does what it says on the label.

Five Essential Rules to Follow When Purchasing an Office Chair

  1. Think About Logistics

Before you go ahead and place an order for office chairs, you should carefully consider the dimensions of your office and the type of work your staff does. Chairs come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to think about the workspaces and desk sizes.

Employees also come in different shapes and sizes, so you may need extra room and support for employees that weigh more than 250 pounds, are taller than average, or have disabilities. All of these things need to be taken into account, or you will purchase chairs that will not be fit for purpose.

  1. Think About Corporate Image

What do you want the office chairs and furniture to say about your business? The kind of office chair you choose can tell a lot about your company values and display a professional image.

Purchasing high-end chairs will create an impressive image when your customers and employees walk into your office. On the other hand, more modern designs can create a fresh image, and traditional designs give a classic image. It all depends on what your business does and how you want to position your brand.

  1. Think About Supplier’s Reputation

This is a no-brainer. If a company tells you something that sounds too good to be true, then it definitely will be. A trustworthy supplier will be willing to work with you to find the best solutions for your business, through design, manufacturing, and installation.

Look for companies which have a proven track record and offer support and product warranties.

  1. Think About the Future

The last thing you want is to buy a chair which will fall apart in a couple of years and is difficult to get rid of. Therefore, make sure you try before you buy to make sure that the chair does what you want it to do.

Also, you may be trying to make your business more environmentally friendly, in which case you will need to check what materials are used in the chair and packaging. Many chair manufacturers are using recycled or sustainable parts and materials at the moment, as well as products low in chemicals.