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In recent years, there have been a lot of reports and studies into the role the workplace environment plays on employee well-being and productivity. Traditional office design involved boxy furniture with a lack of natural light, which created a stuffy atmosphere not ideal for employee collaboration.

The result of these reports has been a significant shift towards workplace design with collaboration and employee well-being at the forefront. One development has been the use of benching systems instead of individual desks or cubicles. In this post, we will highlight five key benefits of adding a benching system to your office.

Increased Collaboration

Breaking down the barriers of traditional office designs have been proven to increase collaboration. As the employees can see one another, it is much easier to bounce ideas around the room, which helps to build stronger workgroups and more creativity.

Benching systems enable ‘work teams’ to work more closely in a highly adaptable space, which can actually save time and can streamline work processes.

Five Key Benefits of Adding a Benching System to Your Office


Bench systems are incredibly versatile and can be adapted for different tasks and group sizes. Also, they can be used as fixed workstations or as hot desks, which make them a very flexible alternative to cubicles or rigid desk systems.

Benching systems are generally much lighter than conventional desks, and therefore easy to move. The adaptable nature of these systems can make the workspace much more dynamic by allowing different seating arrangements and layouts. Therefore, they can be used for a variety of different tasks.

Maximizes Office Space

Being able to use the space on hand as effectively and productively as possible should be a critical factor in any office redevelopment plan. And, if you have a small office or natural light is at a premium, then bench systems are a financially available solution.

Bench systems take up less space and can be adapted to fit different areas. Most importantly, there are fewer physical barriers in place which can create a feeling of space and encourage the free exchange of ideas.

Nicer Office Environment

Employee well-being can have a massive impact on productivity, and this has been a significant driver of office design in recent years.

Removing barriers and walls allows natural light to flow through the office. Also, employees can see each other, so they can communicate more effectively and don’t feel isolated when they are in the office.

Cost Effective

Alongside all the benefits previously mentioned, the really great thing about benching systems is that they are a cost-effective solution. Not only will they help save space and increase productivity, but they will do so without breaking the bank.

As they are adaptable, they can be used for a wide variety of purposes and can also be used to fit a large number of employees around without feeling like they are sitting on each other’s laps.

A Great All-Around Solution

Benching systems look good, they are fit for a variety of different purposes, and are very cost effective, making the ideal long-term office furniture solution.