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Businesses around the world rely on productive employees to drive their business operations. These businesses often spend a lot of money on nice-looking premises and open office designs so that the employees have a great place to work.

Open-plan offices or bustling workspaces are great for collaboration. However, they can be really noisy, and this can harm productivity as well as the stress levels of employees. Lots of background noise in the office can be really distracting and cause employees to lose focus, which can lead to costly mistakes. To get around this potential pitfall, we have put together some tips to make the office less noisy.

5 Tips To Make the Office Less Noisy

Source of Frustration

Conversations among staff or over the phone are hard to ignore in an open-plan office. But it isn’t just chatter that can cause distraction. If you have lots of machines and equipment in the office, the constant buzz can leave employees grinding their teeth. Likewise, office spaces based in large industrial units may have lots of external noise to contend with.

All of these things should be carefully considered when designing an office space, as numerous studies have shown the lack of privacy and constant distractions lead to a loss of productivity and increased stress levels.

Focus On Design

Open-plan office layouts are great if your employees need to collaborate a great deal; however, they are far from a one-size-fits-all option. If your employees do work that requires a high level of concentration or privacy, then the office design should reflect this. Private rooms, quiet rooms, booths, and breakout rooms are places that staff can go for peace and quiet when their work requires it.

Look Down

Hardwood or brushed concrete floors may look good, but they contribute to noise pollution in the office. Instead, opt for carpet or vinyl flooring due to their excellent sound absorption qualities. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a cost-effective option and easy to maintain in the long run.

Go Natural

Going green in the office is a great way to reduce the level of noise, while also creating a much more relaxing and healthier environment. Having plants around the office or green feature walls can significantly reduce noise levels and improve air quality.

Go Acoustic

Choosing the right type of office furniture, as well as the fixtures and fittings, can create a much more serene work environment. Acoustic furniture is a popular choice in modern offices as they have excellent sound-absorbing qualities while also looking really good and being comfortable.

High backed chairs, meeting pods, and wall panels are just some of the options available. Ceiling clouds and baffles can create a unique look for offices of all shapes and sizes.

Go Old School

Cubicles have become a much-maligned piece of office furniture in recent times. However, they offer much more privacy, and when incorporated into a well-designed office space, can really help to reduce the noise levels. Modern office cubicles are a lot more aesthetically pleasing than in the past and include lots of smart design features.