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The office is the place where the major decisions and creative energy occurs in businesses throughout the world. However, the effectiveness of this work can be severely limited by poorly designed workspaces and office furniture.

Many companies hold off on refurbishments and renovations due to the expenses involved, but this is often a mistake. Sometimes, simple solutions can have considerable benefits, so it is worth paying attention to these 5 signs to update your office furniture.

Unhappy Staff = Lower Productivity

If you notice your employees are fidgeting a lot and that they are always complaining about their sore backs, then there is a high likelihood that the office furniture is the cause.

Cramped, cubicle-style office furniture is uncomfortable and will most likely have a negative impact on productivity. When your employees are sat at their desks for eight hours a day, it puts a massive strain on their spines, with back pain being a significant cause of lost time throughout businesses in the US.

Time for a Change: 5 Signs to Update Your Office Furniture

Lack of Adaptability

Over the past few years, there has been a shift towards a higher level of collaboration in the workplace. However, cubicles and boxy office furniture make this difficult, as space is at a premium and it is hard to get ten people into a 4X4 box.

If your staff are unable to work together in a space that fits their needs, then the results are unlikely to be that great. The employees need to be able to see each other and move around, which is why modern office design focuses on open plan spaces which can be adapted to fit the needs of individual projects and workgroups.

Not 21st Century Ready

The modern-day office needs to be technology friendly, but unfortunately, many older offices are not made for that purpose. Older desks are not wire friendly, and charging sockets can be inconveniently positioned.

Not being able to plug in devices smoothly is going to frustrate employees as well as the fact that visible cables trailing around the office are not an attractive look.

If you have moved into an old office or have furniture which has been in the family for generations, then look at ways that the furniture can be adapted to meet the modern needs. Solutions such as power banks and adjustable tabletop desks can be fitted to existing desks.

Falling Apart

This may conjure up images of desks and chairs held together with duct tape, but you’d be amazed at the number of businesses that try to get extra years out of old furniture.

If you notice that the office furniture is looking a little tired, then renovation can be a good value solution; however, if the legs are starting to go, then that furniture should be replaced.

Time for a Change

If you are considering rebranding your company or moving into a brand-new office block, then you will want your workspaces to sparkle too. Old and tired furniture will look out of place and will give a bad impression to anyone who visits the office.

When considering a change, factor in what values you want your office space to represent and how you want your employees to interact with it.