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Happy and healthy employees will always be more productive than over-worked and uncomfortable ones. Unfortunately, many offices around the world still utilize dated furniture and office layouts. These two things combine to create unpleasant working conditions and demotivated employees.

In recent years, there has been a lot of developments in workplace design, and many companies have realized that employee well-being is fundamental to their success. So, if you are thinking of making some changes at the office, this short guide on how to create a healthy workspace for employees is a great place to start.

A Quick Guide on How to Create a Healthy Workspace for Employees

Be Supportive

Many studies have found that sitting at a desk for hours on end is not good for anyone. It can result in employees taking time off because of back and neck problems. One of the primary reasons for this is that the existing furniture is not fit for purpose.

At the very least, you should ensure that all your open office furniture is ergonomically designed as this helps improve posture and provides support while your staff members are at their desks. Aim for chairs that have adjustable arm and neck supports, as well as lumbar support.

If you want to innovate a little bit, then you could invest in sit-stand desks or even a treadmill desk. Both of these options will get your staff to move around a little, which can give their energy levels a welcome boost.

Go Green

Biophilic design has gained a lot of traction in the workplace in recent years. Modern businesses have realized that stuffy offices with bland decorations are not conducive for productivity. Instead, leading companies have moved towards introducing more natural elements to their workspaces.

Examples of biophilic design include introducing more natural light, plants, and natural materials to the workspace, which results in a much better ambiance and more motivated employees.

Control The Mood

A lot of businesses underestimate the importance that the office color scheme can have on their employees. Choose the wrong colors, and you can end up with a lack of creativity and productivity.

Aim for a mixture of different colors around the office. Different colors will work best, depending on what activities take place in that area. Blues are great for focusing the mind; reds will energize your staff; while orange stimulates oxygen flows in the brain.

Health And Wellness Awareness

Having a well-designed and airy office will go a long way towards creating a healthy working environment. However, it is vital that you back this up with other ideas. Staff members need to move around during the day, so you could create some activities which help them throughout the day. Try and encourage them to move away from their desk at regular intervals, or arrange some exercises during lunch or after work.

Some companies have created onsite gyms, run yoga classes, or organize sports after work. If this doesn’t really fit in with your company culture, then just encouraging your staff to take some movement breaks during the day can make a big difference.