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The needs of modern businesses are constantly changing, and this has a major impact on the expectations of the employees. However, if your business believes they can adapt to these changes without investing in a workspace fit for purpose, you are unlikely to gain the desired results. This realization has seen many companies focusing more on employee well-being and comfort as a means to improve productivity, which invariably means an office refurbishment of some description.

Taking a look at current business trends, the office is changing from the boxy spaces of the past to open-plan, multifunctional workspaces. If your company is thinking of changing things up, there are numerous steps that need to be followed before making this change a reality. The fact is, office renovations require a lot of planning, time, and money. In today’s post, we will look at one area many companies neglect to look at before they get started: how to get rid of used office furniture.

Where To Start

When you start planning for the office refurbishment, it is important to draw up an inventory of the current furniture in the office and consider what items are going to be surplus to requirements. Drawing up an inventory can identify the items that could be reused or renovated, which will save money on refitting the redesigned office space.

A Quick Guide on How To Get Rid of Used Office Furniture

It can also help you have a clear picture of what furniture needs to be removed, so even though some of your inventory might not fit into your design plans, it may still be in excellent condition and suitable for resale. Once you have your inventory documented, you can put together a strategy and factor in the associated costs of removal or resale into the refurb budget.

Know the Lay of the Land

Renting a large dumpster to deposit your unwanted furniture in is not going to be an option for various reasons. There are many state and federal rules about the disposal of plastics, metals, and electrical goods that will need to be carefully considered. There are also the associated costs of removal from the site to a landfill, or if you choose to store the inventory, there will be extra expenses required for a storage facility.

Choosing the Best Option

Choosing the best removal option will be a matter of simple logistics. Holding a small inventory will mean lower costs, while an extensive inventory is going to take a lot of careful planning.

Options available for removal are:

Office Furniture Company: There are many companies across the country that specialize in the buying and selling of used office furniture, and it is a market that looks like it will continue to grow in the coming years. Selling your old furniture will provide a useful source of income to balance out the outgoings during this time. Also, they will be able to help with storage and removal.

Removal Company: If you have a significant amount of inventory with little or no resale value, then hiring a removal company will be a wise choice, as they will have an awareness of the legal requirements of removal and will do the heavy lifting for you. Look for a company with a good reputation, as the last thing you want is to be found guilty by association if the company flaunts environmental or social responsibility.

Recycling Company: In recent years, there has been an increased awareness of the impact of landfills on the environment, and many removal companies have created innovative solutions to minimize this impact. Office furniture contains many useful and recyclable materials, which can be used to develop new products. Working with a company that specializes in this field can help raise a source of income to offset some of the refurb costs while also helping out the environment as well.