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The standard American office is not designed with health in mind. Office furniture solutions that consider employee health can certainly improve this dilemma. When a cubicle just has a regular chair and computer, it will encourage stationary staring at a computer screen for hours on end, which is not great for any part of your body.

Two important ways that different chairs and desks could help improve health are through the bettering posture and activity of the user. By getting new furniture that tackles these two issues, you can make it a lot easier to get through the work week without feeling as lethargic.

Improving Posture

It is no secret that most desk chairs encourage slouching and slumping down. This is especially true when the computer cannot be adjusted to eye level. There are a number of office furniture solutions that can help alleviate this problem for those who want better posture.

Office Furniture Solutions for Being Healthier at Work

One of the more cliched choices, yet incredibly effective, is trading out the desk chair for an exercise ball. An exercise ball is effective because it forces the user to maintain balance. It also has the benefit of improving your core muscles, which in turns makes good posture easier to achieve.

Alternatives to the exercise ball rely on a similar premise; if you do not have a stable back to the chair, you need to maintain balance and keep your back straight up. Wobbly chairs are actually becoming common in schools for overactive students, and they are sold for adults too.

Any kind of stool will naturally prevent slumping down into a chair, although the temptation to slouch will not be as effectively prevented. Before you throw the desk chair out completely, however, it may be nice to have both options at times.

Increasing Activity

Standing desks are becoming increasingly popular for people who want to be able to keep working but be active too. Any amount of time that you can exchange sitting for standing is beneficial for your heart and the rest of your body. It keeps blood circulating better, and with a good mat below your desk to prevent aching from a hard floor, it will be easier to actually use it. The cost of standing desks and desk mats vary quite widely. Some go on top of a desk that is already there, while others are full desks that allow for adjustment.

For those who want to be more active than just standing, a mini exercise bike that fits below the desk can be a great way to be moving while still being productive as well. Other exercise equipment such as resistance bands that can fit around a desk chair, or be used in tandem with one, are more ideas that will not obstruct a well-designed work area.

When employees have better posture and are not falling asleep at their desks, production is bound to increase. But no two offices and no two employees have the same health needs or interests. Healthy trends are great for you to consider when looking for new office furniture solutions, and a competent place to get the new equipment from.