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The right furniture can make a big difference when it comes to the productivity of the office staff. From conference room tables to chairs and desks, there are many options at varying sizes and price ranges.

Along with furniture, the new digital age allows for collaboration to be improved without everyone being in the same room. With added connectivity, everyone in the office can be together on a single document or site that makes them aware of how their piece fits into the bigger puzzle.

Keep the Office More Connected with Better Furniture and Technology

Tables and Chairs

When it comes to improving collaboration between coworkers, flexibility and movability are the two most important things to consider. Conference room tables that can easily be moved will let groups break off into smaller segments. This could also make the size of the table smaller so everyone is closer together.

Tables can be even further upgraded by including electronic connectivity. By being able to charge devices right from the table, everyone can stay together longer and without fighting for outlets. With a TV or projector combined with the large table, control is in the hands of everyone at the table.

Chairs that cannot be moved encourage everyone to be more stagnant and less interested in getting up and moving around. There are plenty of chair options that are better for getting everyone to move around and collaborate with other colleagues.


Tabletop projectors have become nearly obsolete in today’s world. That is large because it looks better, and often works better, to connect a laptop via a smart TV or smart board. Smart boards are great because people can edit and analyze with the touch of a finger or other instrument. You can circle graphs or add ideas to a brainstorming session.

Online Collaboration

Conference room tables and other collaborative furniture are great when everyone is together, and they will be well used. However, collaboration should not be restricted to the office. Cloud computing can go a long way toward ensuring that everyone is on the same page. The cloud lets you access work documents when working from home or when you need to recall something quickly after hours.

Working together without everyone having to be seated at conference room tables has also become easier with a wide variety of apps and websites. Google and Microsoft Online both offer the ability to create data sheets and documents that can be edited in real time by anyone invited. This means that there will no longer be the issue where multiple people edit the same document and everyone gets confused when trying to combine edits and changes.

Getting the office into the twenty-first century is easier than ever with the amount of progress being made online through professional and corporate websites. But all of the online software and smart hardware cannot replace personal contact and collaboration. When it comes to making the best impact, adding new conference room tables and chairs that bring everyone together in a better way will have a great impact on the success of the office.