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Across the United States, the move towards digital filing systems is taking hold at a breakneck pace. In many offices, the once ubiquitous filing cabinets have been tucked into discrete filing rooms that usually hold information from the days before huge servers were used. In fact, in an effort to focus on a sleek, open floor space, cabinets have been removed altogether from the majority of modern offices.

However, while the digital revolution is in full swing, there are still problems that present themselves on a day to day basis that could be easily avoided with the use of a physical copy of important information. In this case, filing cabinets are still relevant, and here’s why.

Hacking and Security

The foremost reason that you need to keep a physical filing system in place is due to the fact that there are still risks of hacking and security flaws in a digital system. There are two ways these occur.

Why Filing Systems Are Still Relevant Today

In a cloud-based system, a potential hacker and can a method called phishing to get into a system. The phisher will convince a user to reveal sensitive information such as passwords and usernames that will allow them to access the online database.

In a server-based storage system, a hacker would have to be based within the company itself. However, a programmer or someone with access to the system will be able to create something called a backdoor to be able to access information from a remote location, even after they have left the company.

These two problems can be fixed by storing sensitive information in a physical location, such as filing cabinets.


Information that is pertinent to everyday functions or needs to be accessed in an emergency should always be stored in a physical location. This is particularly true in the case of a power outage or a network outage,during which accessing online files will be impossible.

By using filing cabinets, you will be able to access the information without having to wait for whatever service that has gone out to come back on.


A major component of using a filing cabinet will be in the convenience of keeping a physical copy around that can be easily transported. Sometimes, it is less safe to send a file over the internet, especially when that file has sensitive information. A file from a filing cabinet can be easily accessed and transported.

Additionally, you can use the filing cabinet to store official information such as tax filing and things that pertain to employees. A physical filing system is important when you need to keep a hard copy for financial and governmental information that may need to be presented at a moment’s notice.

The above are just a few reasons that a filing cabinet-based filing system is important for keeping sensitive or necessary information on hand at all times. You never know when you will need to present information that is better left off the internet.