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The last few years have seen an unprecedented change in office design, and this is likely to continue you in 2019. Many of the traditional office layouts have been replaced by open-plan offices which better facilitate collaboration. We have also seen an increasing emphasis on employee wellbeing, with cubicles being replaced by shared desks and breakout areas.

By the end of the year, you may be working in an environment vastly different than the current one. This is because office furniture trends in 2019 will see more versatility in design and installation.

Wellness as Standard

Research over recent years has found a clear correlation between employee wellness and productivity. As such, employees have found themselves working in much higher levels of comfort than ever before.

In 2019, employee wellness is going to continue to drive office design and furniture trends. Expect to see more adaptable furniture such as electronic sit-stand desks becoming the norm. Desks and chairs will continue to incorporate ergonomic features.

Cutting Edge Office Furniture Trends For 2019 and Beyond

The Smart Office

Changes in technology have had a massive impact on all aspects of our lives, and office furniture is keeping pace by introducing many smart integrations. For example, the latest sit-stand desks come with Bluetooth integration to an app which reminds you when it is time to stand up or go for a walk.

Smart furniture solutions will see more integration with sensors which enable us to look at how we work and how we can improve things like our posture or the amount of time we spend at our desks.

As we move a more wireless based system, look for new integrations such as air-charging ports and unique power cord solutions. The days of unsightly cords will soon be a thing of the past.

Collaboration Central

Gone are the days when individual employees sat in cramped cubicles. The current trend is towards shared furniture such as hot desking areas, work benches or cluster desks. This brings a lot more flexibility to office design and makes it much easier for employees to communicate.

But work in the modern office doesn’t just happen at workstations with breakout areas and lounges becoming a key feature. Collaboration areas will be located around the office which utilizes the move towards a cloud-based network. Meetings will happen on the go, and even conference tables will be designed with flexibility in mind.

The Unconventional

As mentioned above, the way people work today is very different, and office design reflects that. Employers and designers are getting more adventurous with their designs and incorporating many quirks designed to make the officer feel more like home.

For example, hammocks, bean bags, and sofas are no longer incongruous in the office. In fact, having comfortable places to work or enjoy some downtime is conducive for creativity. So expect to see all areas of the office utilized, with nooks and corners set up for meetings and/or relaxation spaces.

One of the most unique innovations in recent years is the walking desk, which marries a desk with a treadmill, redefining what multitasking can be. Therefore, in 2019 look for more out-of-box thinking as employers look for ways to improve their employee’s output.