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First impressions count and no more so than in the business world. That is why it is important to consider what sort of impression you want people to have when they walk into your offices. The first place they are likely to see is the reception, and they are sure to look around while they are waiting for their appointment. Therefore, it is crucial that the office reception furniture and the interior design is both welcoming and conveys any messages you want to send out.

Create an Incredible First Impression with Our Office Reception Furniture

There are many things to consider in this area, and today we will look at some in more detail.

Office Desks

The first interaction that your guests are likely to have with your company is with your reception team. And, if they are seated behind poorly designed and maintained desks, this will create a negative impression.

A reception desk can be so much more than a place to work. For example, placing a logo or slogan on the table can be very impactful. It can also take up as much or as little space as you require.

Guest Chairs

The last thing you want to do is trigger your guest’s sciatica because of uncomfortable furniture in the reception. That is why you should consider comfort when fitting out your reception area.

When you sit on uncomfortable seats, it always elicits a reaction, and it is very rarely a positive one. If this occurs, your guest is likely to start looking around and wondering why they are there.

Even though the time spent in the reception area is only likely to be short, a negative first impression could cause a problem before the meeting even begins.


Looking good is great, but it is also important to consider the ergonomics of the furniture that you choose. If your receptionist is going to spend a long time at the desk, then it is essential that the space is comfortable and can be adapted to ensure correct posture is achieved.

You should look for a desk that has an ergonomic design and surface alongside features such as adjustable height keyboards.

The same goes for the chairs that you use. If you are integrating sit/stand design features into your reception area, then this will need to be considered when choosing an appropriate chair.

Whichever layout you opt for, the chair needs to have optimal back support and be easy to adjust.

How Does This Influence My Guests?

Never underestimate the importance of comfort and a first impression. Have you ever visited an office that is poorly lit and has uncomfortable furniture? That combination can put off a guest and change their attitude towards you and your business. This is not how you want the meeting to begin.

And, if your receptionists have a comfortable, well-designed workspace, they will find it much easier to welcome your guests with a genuine smile. This will make a positive first impression that could be the start of an excellent business relationship with your guests.