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Working from home can be a convenient, relaxing experience… or it can lead to distraction and a lack of productivity. In order to set yourself up for success, it’s important to choose the right furniture when decorating your workspace. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing furniture for your home office.

 How to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Home Office

Consider your basic needs  

Before you begin shopping, assess your situation and ask yourself what your basic work needs are.

  • How often will you be working from home?
  • Do you require a lot of storage space?
  • What are your technology needs?
  • Will you require a printer and copier?
  • Are there enough outlets in the room, or will you need to buy an extension cord?

Make a list of your most important requirements and work from there.

Decide on your budget before you buy

Remember that the money you spend on the furniture will not include money needed for smaller equipment, such as paper, pens, and toner cartridges. You’ll need to factor those recurring costs before you decide on your furniture budget.

Acknowledge the amount of storage space you need, and buy accordingly

Clutter can kill productivity, so it’s important to invest in the appropriate type of storage for your needs.

If you have many thick files, it’s best to buy a file cabinet. Decide whether you may require a large file cabinet with a locking system, or a smaller, mobile one. Otherwise, a bookshelf can be a great alternative for work that does not require many files.

Choosing the right desk will also help with storage. Make sure your desk space is large enough for any documents needed while working, and that it has sufficient drawers.

Do not overlook the importance of comfort   

The type of chair you invest in for your home office has the potential to make or break your productivity. To maximize comfort and minimize lower back pain, choose a chair with a slightly reclined posture where your feet rest on the floor. Consider the height of your desk in relation to the height of your chair, as an imbalance can result in distraction.

Design the room with productivity in mind

Along with choosing the right chair, there are many factors which will influence your productivity. Natural light is beneficial for work efficiency, so consider neutral colored walls and adjustable curtains to let in sunlight.

If you have space, you may wish to consider adding a sofa to your home office. This is a great way to take breaks from work— something that can aid productivity. If you do not have room for a sofa, any type of loveseat or a comfy chair is perfect for taking a quick break.

An organized, comfortable workspace is a productive workspace. When buying furniture for your home office, keep these tips in mind to create the best environment for accomplishing your work goals.