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When your employees have some much-needed downtime, they will appreciate a nice, relaxing place to enjoy their break time. A break room is a vital cog in the machinery for businesses, as it is the place where your employees will be able to get away from their desk. As the dangers of sitting with long periods without breaks come more into the public consciousness, having an area where employees feel comfortable will become more and more important. There’s no way around it – in the modern office, non-work areas are a necessity.

The break room should be well-designed and spacious. There should be ample room for large numbers of staff to move around freely while also having space to enjoy a chat. Some break rooms may also incorporate quiet spaces. We have put together this break room furniture buying guide so that you can create a really amazing space that will separate your office environment from your competition and give you the edge in hiring and retention.

Getting It Right: Break Room Furniture Buying Guide

Get Your Employees’ Input

Before you start going all-in on funky furniture, you should ask what the employees would like to see in their break room. After all, it is the space they will use, so you will want to make sure that the design and furniture meet their needs. What might seem like a good idea on paper might not fill your staff with much enthusiasm, so better safe than sorry.

Comfortable Furniture

This one is a no brainer, the last thing you want to do is to fill your room with loads of uncomfortable and ugly furniture. This will create a massive dip in their mood, and they will probably end up spending more time at their desks. While this may sound great, you definitely see a noticeable drop in their productivity.

Instead, go for cushioned seats or stylish table. Make the place look like their favorite coffee shop or integrate bench seating which can be moved around if needed.

The Right Fit

Once you have invested in comfy chairs, make sure that you get a table that will be practical. This may seem like an obvious point, but you’d be amazed by the number of companies that don’t actually think this through. Make sure that you choose the right size and height of the tables or benches so that people of all sizes can sit comfortably.

If you have an outside area, make sure that you utilize by adding outside tables and chairs. The natural light and air does wonder for employees’ overall levels of motivation and will really help to recharge their batteries.

Get Creative

Take a look around the internet, and you will find that some companies have created some fascinating and playful break rooms. Maybe you could place some sofas around the room, or even bean bags. Some companies have gone one step further and put a few day beds in the break room. The general idea is that you want the area to be as welcoming as possible because this will help relax your employees and can really help stimulate creativity.