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Your private office furnishings are a direct expression of yourself and your business. When you are working with clients or other employees, you want a private office that projects your expertise and class. Decorating your office is, therefore, as important as it is difficult to do.

There are plenty of trends that are floating around that claim to create the desired effect of cultivating an office for professionals. Sometimes, it can even seem overwhelming when you have to decide what you are going for. Overall, a minimalist style will help, and here is why.

7 Ways Project Professionalism in Your Private Office

1. Keep It Simple

Minimalism involves making a lot out of a little, meaning you have to keep the office space and furniture simple and clean. This includes a color palette that uses muted colors.

2. Straight Lines

Your private office furnishings should make use of lines that draw the eye to a specific spot in the room, most likely your desk. Using straight lines also means making use of right angles in the orientation of furniture.

3. Matte Materials

You should use furniture made from materials that have matte surfaces, metal, and glass. You can also use plastic, which is easier to mold for manufacturers and therefore is the desired medium for more innovative designs.

4. Plants and Living Things

You can use low maintenance green plants to add a splash of color to the room. You should stick to shrubs and ferns and avoid trees. For added modernism, you can also make use of an aquarium with a plant and place a beta fish inside. However, you must be willing to take care of the fish.

5. Open Office

This is a new trend that aims to create a sense of mobility throughout the office space. You should work to ensure that the walls in your office are solely the border of the room, rather than the anchor for your furniture. For example, instead of placing your desk against or near the wall, you can place it in the middle of the room to help create a sense of openness.

6. A Meeting Space

While many private office furnishings will have the desk as the place where you host clients or employees, you can actually create your own miniature meeting space to add a personal effect to your meetings. Instead of using the desk, you can use a table surrounded by living chairs to provide comfort and a sense of familiarity with clients.

7. Ergonomics

Making use of ergonomic design, which is both functional and esthetic, can really make a difference regarding your personal comfort. Most modern furniture design today will take ergonomics into account.

Decorating your personal office can be stressful because you have to choose from a lot of different options. After a while of looking through different examples, you will notice there are specific rules to creating the perfect office design. The above seven are just some examples of how you can use your personal office furnishings to create a professional work-space.