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Office design has changed in the past decade, and new office furniture can now be more difficult to choose than ever. The best way to pick out your office furniture is by paying attention to new trends that are popping up all over the country. These trends have two basic overall concepts.

The first concept is a focus on minimalism. In the modern world, less is more.

The second concept is a focus on mute colors. These colors show professionalism and modernity in today’s world.

3 Things to For Redecorating Denver Office

You should keep these concepts in mind when deciding on furniture. The following are some ways to keep in line with the above concepts.

1. Hide the Wires

When you are looking for new office furniture in Denver area, you may notice that they feature many new slots and holes for wiring. That is because the key to a modern office is hiding all the wires connected to the computer and office machines.

In the past, most equipment had dozens of different wires connected to it in for the sake of function. With the advent of wireless technology, there is less of a need for wired parts, and therefore, fewer wires make an office more modern.

2. A Specialized Color Palette

Coordinating your colors  is a key part of decorating your office. The main method is through using furniture that has an overall muted color. These can be whites, grays, or blacks.

After picking out the new office furniture’s general color, you then add in extra pieces that have bright colors. These can be office accessories (file sorters, staplers, mouse pads, etc.) that come in colors that pop out from the muted background. For colors that really pop, pick primary colors or their associated secondary colors such as blue, red, purple, or orange.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Natural Textures

Most of your new office furniture will use textures like wood painted a solid color or painted metals. However, you don’t have to shy away from the natural colors of wood or the silvery sheen of polished steel.

You can tastefully spread these natural textures around the office to give it a warmer, more welcoming feel. The natural browns of wood will blend well with other colors you have chosen to place around the office. Polished metals will give the office a professional, modern look.

Some Final Notes

However you decide to decorate your office, you should concentrate on decorating for both form and function. Depending on your industry, you might have different objectives in mind.

If your employees are going to be at their desks for the whole shift, then you should aim to create more comfort in order for them to relax while they work. If your employees will be moving around a lot, then your new office furniture should aim for versatility and mobility.

However you decide to decorate your office, you should aim for the two aforementioned concepts of using muted colors with a minimalist design. These two choices will make your new office furniture really stick out.